About KNN

Success in today’s competitive business environment requires a rapid response and flexibility, with a number of heavy machinery suppliers in the market, customers need to be ensured of the right product distribution channel to link market demand and meet their satisfaction.

KNN works closely with our customers to their comfort level serve our customer’s quality products at competitive market price. Through the years, KNN has established our own customer network and has directly supplied to the target market to satisfy their demand.

Presently, KNN has strong support from our trusted and reliable partners in Japan and has particularly succeeded in building good relationships with long term experienced shippers for the advent imported used products from different countries in Asia to manage the market-based demand, with our strong recognition as the first leader of new and used heavy machinery supplier in Cambodia.

KNN has available products at source, as majority requires used machinery by demand at all levels and conditions and always ensures a prompt response to the deliveries of imported products at the right time with competitive prices and strives to be the most reliable source for our buyers by responding to the goal of developing long lasting and healthy business relationships.

KNN is in progress to supply the new machines from original companies in Korea and Europe to provide the customers with the best supplies, services and most reasonable price of products to maintain our good business relationship with both domestic and international partners.

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